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Moving Into Politics ?

May 3rd Local elections.
constituancy is Richmond Park.North Richmond.Zac Goldsmith and Conservatives fight it out with liberals.
Labour canvassed on my doorstep this morning.I said they were not credible, because
they were not capable of putting an online campaign together, whilst she complained that Zac was using his wealth to win. This is true, because he has a grammar school,education and is not on benefits support.But he also is not credible.None of them are.None of them  can give account of themselves online and they are therefore out of touch.Neither offline.
As far as grumbling about the expense
of online campaigning and the lack of full time workers at the Labour Party Office,I did the following;

I bought these domains and linked them to a page that can be used to
advertize the manifesto of the labour party.
http redirected all the domains to the same page, which endorsed only labour.
There showing how to do a little online work at the expense of only £25.
The search engine will deliver to labour and not
to much needs to be done to advertise  online .30 minutes work.
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