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Is The Earth Still Flat ?

I have discovered with my minds eye that the earth is flat.This has been after proccessing the scientific information of the modern age.

I discovered that whilst watching my TV,. that I believed what I was seeing .As with many people, they believe what they see.So it is true, that the world we live in is a product of what we see around us with our eyes.And, this has always been the case .So therefore it is obvious why they believed the world was flat.That the sun and planets revolved around the earth.

We still work in this way even today, as evidenced by the way we see our house, our home, our TV, etc./ So how can we criticise the old days when they worked in the same way and believed what they saw.If you do believe what you see with your two eyes , you will believe that the world is flat and the planets and sun revolve around the earth etc.

There are definately two ways , ( or more )  , to see the world around you.

There is a very good argument to live in a world whereby you respond to what your two eyes show you.If you do this in your own front room and kitchen , hallway,garden, car and motorway etc, how can you say that the world that you live in is round ?The world we live in is Flat.Everythingis relative and there is no conclusive evidence as far as we can see with our eyes to disprove, either argument, round or flat.

So what should we do about the science of today. .The Ludites saw what was coming, as could the flat earthers.

You either have to know everything or nothing.

I would put it to the modern age, that as we can step out into another world when watching a film on TV, so the flat earthers had a way to step out of this world into universal concioussness and citizenship as cosmic beings whereas the modern scientific man does not do that we his round world knowledge.,even with his latest technology.

We are still flat earthers.We are flat earthers by nature.But now we are stuck in a square box looking at the wallpaper and clock on the wall, believing that this is the real world,ie,a square box, instead of living underneath the heavens and the stars believing that in their wonderous glory, they go round the earth, instead of us.
So they were right for the wrong reason instead of what we are now, wrong for the right reason.

Interesting Note:
Thd Bible was written from this viewpoint, The Flatearthers point of view.This gives you a better account of history if you understand it was written from this point of view, and thus deliverring a completely differrant meaning,to its text.
Look at in this way the bible leads to very differrant meaning and can unlock the secrets hidden within.

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